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Sylvia Corbett

Art has been a part of my life from the time I was a little girl. After working in sales

and marketing for a number of years, I decided to change careers and moved into the graphic design and illustration field. I was fortunate to meet a former instructor from

Art Center, who had retired but was bored and decided to teach again. He owned a

very successful advertising and design business in Los Angeles for many years before retiring to Ojai, California. It was a blessing to have met him. Not only did he teach graphic design, but his advice was, and still is, a major influence throughout my career as a graphic artist. When this gentleman moved on to other interests, he recommended that I be hired to take his place as the graphics department program director. I ended up teaching computer graphics at the college, in addition to teaching at two other schools, for almost ten years.

I've always loved painting on canvas, but in the last few years the technology in Photoshop has made it possible to "paint" on the computer. I've concentrated my efforts in this direction and I absolutely love it. I have designed and illustrated several books and I am currently illustrating my own children’s book.


I also specialize in pen and ink drawings of animals and pets. I was a pure bred golden retriever show exhibitor and breeder for many years, so I have a deep respect and love for our animal friends. The first book I wrote was about raising puppies into adulthood. It is available on this website. Digital painting and pen and ink drawing require a high resolution photograph (minimum 300 dpi) and must be at least 8 x 10 in size. To obtain the best results, the quality of the photograph needs to be as clear as possible. The drawing I create will look exactly like the photo that is sent.


For more information, please see my Animal Portraits.


Nonie Higgins


One of our partners is a long established artist, who has exhibited her oil paintings in America and Europe. She's now 89 years old and still going strong. She has painted a series, featuring famous women of the Bible.  We've selected four of these amazing women and printed them on collectible high-quality plates. They are available in a limited quantity, so check out Nonie's Nook for special pricing and shipping information.




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