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In 2006 Ms. Higgins began painting the "Women of the Bible Series". As of 2014,

she has completed 17 paintings of these famous ladies, with more to come!
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The Bible describes how King David, while on his roof, looked across the city and saw Bathsheba, the wife of his own general, Uriah, bathing on a roof. The King then sent Uriah to the front lines in order to make Bathsheba his lover. King David then brought Uriah back to the city hoping to cover up the affair when he discovered Bathsheba was going to have a child. When Uriah refused to go home to his wife, King David ordered that he be sent back to the front lines where he was ultimately killed.


King David and Bathsheba were punished because the child born of their affair, died. King David was deeply grieved and repented of his failure with Bathsheba. He ultimately married her and they later became the parents of Solomon, who was destined to become King and would rebuild the temple in Israel. They were all in the line that produced the Messiah, Jesus.



The woman, Delilah, was Samson's downfall. Delilah was able to divert Samson's attention to

her and away from God, ultimately leading Samson to blindness and death. This beautiful and diabolical Philistine woman convinced almighty Samson to reveal the secret of his great strength, which was his hair. Delilah betrayed him for money. His hair shorn while he slept, rendering him as helpless as an ordinary man.


Just as Delilah deceived Samson, so will sin betray us and try to take us further from the truth and away from God. Walking a path of righteousness is never easy, but is essential to a full life in peace, protection and joy. As Christians, we should pray not only for God's will, but the strength to sustain us during times of trial and temptation.

Queen of Sheba


The beauty and riches of the Ethiopian Queen were legendary throughout Africa and the Middle East. Upon hearing of the wisdom of the great King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba traveled over a thousand miles to the city of Jerusalem to meet him in person. She brought elaborate gifts of gold, jewels, spices and silver from Northern Africa. She presented these gifts after the wise King answered all of her questions correctly.


Scripture says that thousands of Israelites lined the streets of Jerusalem to welcome the Queen's procession to their city. The Ethiopians wore robes embroidered with gold thread, belts and necklaces of gold, with beautiful golden crowns on their heads. Some accounts say she brought as much as 4.5 tons of gold to King Solomon.


The Queen was not disappointed in King Solomon's answers. In fact, she marveled at his amazing wisdom. The first meeting with King Solomon resulted in the Queen renouncing pagan worship of the Sun God, and embraced the One True God of the Jews. The Queen of Sheba compared her new found faith to "diving into the depths of a great ocean and emerging with a great pearl, with which, I am rich".




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