Special Offer! The pet owner’s guide to raising the Golden Retriever, as authored by Sylvia Corbett, is now available for a limited time, while quantities last!


I wrote this book when I was an exhibitor/breeder of show quality Golden Retrievers. Whether a pup went to a show or a new home, it was required reading because I had been receiving calls in the middle of the night from new owners asking questions about their puppy.

Once I accepted a deposit, I asked every new family to read the book and it completely stopped the night time calls. There was one instance where one of the articles provided even helped to save a puppy’s life! He had eaten some baker’s chocolate and would have died if the owners hadn’t been aware of the dangers of dark chocolate. They called the vet and raced to his office, where he had his stomach pumped.


Everyone loves an adorable puppy, but many people don’t know how to make them good companions. This book will absolutely help you on that path!

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